Why You May Need Biohazard Cleanup Today.

Why You May Need Biohazard Cleanup Today.

As everyone knows, unless they have been hiding under a rock for a month or so, the COVID-19 crisis is in full bloom. Researchers indicate that the form of coronavirus originated in China. However, the disease soon found its way into the United States and other countries on a global scale. Hence, now, everyone is focusing on the pandemic.

Unfortunately, one reason why the ailment commands such attention is that death is a possible outcome. According to the Detroit Free Press, in Michigan alone, cases that tested positive for COVID-19 rose from two on March 10th to 334 with three deaths. Since then, now, the count is 1,035 confirmed cases with nine people passing away. 

Death Is A Common Reason Why People Need Biohazard Cleanup

Citizens of the Wolverine State are not currently being told to lockdown or shelter-in-place, but many people are staying inside their homes anyway. Should an unfortunate passing of a loved one occur, families need to know where they can turn for help. Emergency cleaning service companies can handle such situations. Not all of them are created equal, though. Our team can take care of the biohazard cleanup and serve as a homeowner's liaison to the insurer.

Not to mention, the technicians are respectful, friendly, and professional. They understand that this time is difficult for the family and do everything in their power to offer comprehensive and comforting assistance. Just know that support is only a phone call away. 

Did A Sewage Backup Cause Damage Inside Your Home?

Sewer line stoppages happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, the main trunk is full of roots. On other occasions, somebody may have flushed something that they shouldn't have. Regardless of what led to the backup, it is not uncommon for the dirty water to find its way inside the home. It may get there from beneath a toilet, a walk-in shower drain, or another low point.

While a sewage backup might not sound like too big of a deal, it can be. Carpeting, drywall, furniture, electronics, and more can get ruined. Once a plumber or the city clears the line, you may need biohazard cleanup service. Our technicians have the experience and equipment to get your place back in tip-top shape. 

Other Situations That May Call For Biohazard Cleanup

A crime scene is another site where biohazard cleanup can be helpful. For example, if a murder occurs inside a home, blood and bodily fluids could become part of the equation. They need to be removed from the property safely so that other occupants of the building do not catch a disease. The same can be said for when a suicide takes place. Emergency cleaning service can be useful for animal death and waste too. Of course, people should not forget about chemical spills, either. If for some reason, a dangerous chemical gets splashed on surfaces in a home or office, we have you covered. 

Do you need reliable and fast biohazard cleanup? If the answer is yes, please, don't hesitate to give American Standard Restoration a call.