A Bad Situation Deserves A Professional Cleaning.

A Bad Situation Deserves A Professional Cleaning.

For minor stains and everyday spills, many homeowners can handle the cleanup process themselves.  All you need is the right set of tools, cleaning products that won’t damage the surface, and enough time and elbow grease to get the job done.  However, not every cleaning situation is quite so easy to handle.

A natural disaster like a flood can fill your basement or crawlspace with dirty water, and even after you pump out all the water you’re left with dirt, sewage, mold, and anything else that managed to grow before you could dry the area.  Your pipe system might start leaking or burst and spread water and sewage everywhere.  You might also have to face a more personal tragedy and need to clean up the scene of an accident or a crime.  At times like this, it really helps to call in a professional cleaning service that can handle biohazard situations.

Why Bring In Bio-hazard Specialists?

Technically speaking, any situation that involves poisonous chemicals or dangerous pathogens is a biohazard.  A dirty toilet can be a biohazard, and so is a dirty tissue.  However, some situations demand more protection than hand sanitizer and some biohazards need more than a basic bathroom cleaner to fix.  Very big and very dangerous situations demand professional equipment and people trained to use it, which is why people call American Standard Restoration for help.

What Can We Clean?

At American Standard Restoration, we can completely clean up your home or business and remove all traces of whatever disaster or crime occurred on your property.  This includes:

  • Traces of blood and other body fluids that carry a serious risk of pathogen contamination.

  • Fire extinguisher residue and other chemicals used to fight fires.

  • Fingerprinting powder, tear gas residue, and other chemicals used by police and crime-scene investigators.

  • Grime, grit, and deep stains that either build up after years of neglect or get deposited after a disaster.

How Do We Do It?

The cleaners at American Standard Restoration have a variety of personal protective equipment, or PPE.  PPE can range from a simple face mask and protective goggles to a fully contained suit with its own air supply, and what we use for a job depends on how dangerous the biohazard is.  Once we have the right set of equipment, we will then:

  1. Inspect the location and determine the kind of cleanup required.

  2. Remove all traces of blood, sewage, professional chemicals, and other bio-hazardous material.

  3. Sanitize and disinfect all salvageable surfaces.

  4. Remove odors from the air and from surfaces that could still produce them.

  5. Dispose of all compromised materials and items.

  6. Document our progress with “before” and “after” photographs.

You can find more details about our process elsewhere on our website.  You can also contact us directly if you need our assistance.  Not every cleaning job needs attention from the professionals, but when the situation is dire and the danger to human safety and health is real, it’s time to call in the professionals at American Standard Restoration.